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Major dealers of various brandnew SEGWAY SCOOTER
Our Store is located in United Kingdom with branch offices in Cyprus and Malaysia.
We have different brands available at bulk rate.

Segway HT i167
Segway i2 Commuter
Segway x2 Golf
Segway i2 Transporter
Segway i2 Human Transporter
Segway cross terrain
Segway i2 Police
Segway i180 Transporter
Segway X2 Golf
Segway I2 PT with Segseat
Segway XT Cross-Terrain Transporter
Segway x2 model
Segway X2 Golf Turf 0 Miles Sealed Express
Segway X2 Adventure
Segway i2 Transport
Segway i2 Cargo
Segway I2 White Worldwide
Custom Polished & Black Segway I2 W/ Custom Rims
Red Segway I2 New with Custom Red Handle
Segway Human Transporter i180
Segway Segseat Seat for I2 X2 Newest Generation Custom with Alarm
Segway XT Cross-Terrain Transporter
Segway Pt I2 Extras Spare Tire And X2 Conversion Kit
Segway Pt I2 Ferrari Limited Edition
Segway Pt X2 With Extras
Scooter Stand N Ride Alternative EV Rider Stand-N-Ride Stand
Rare Matchbox 36b Lambretta Scooter & Sidecar Mint
Pride Mobility Go Chair – Travel Power Chair
50cc Gas Moped Scooter
Golden Technologies Golden Companion Midsize 3 Wheel Electric Scooters .

All New Segway comes with 2 years warranty and return policy from the manufacturer.

skype: alim5004
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